WordPress Widget (2020)

In this WordPress post, I will teach you how you can add WordPress Widget to your WordPress site.

First of all, what is a WordPress Widget?

WordPress widgets are blocks of content that you can add to your site’s sidebars, footers, and other areas. Ever visit someone’s blog and see a photo, signup form, or menu in the sidebar? Those are all widgets. Each widget can add a feature or function to your site, without having to write any code. Common widgets to add to your site are menus, popular post lists, calendars, banner ads, social icons, and more.


Now you know what a WordPress Widget is, the next question is how do you add a WordPress Widget? Don’t worry this how-to guide will teach how easy it is to add a WordPress Widget.


You should have an up and running WordPress site.

Note: Some themes may have a different way of adding a widget. In this guide, we are using one of the default themes that come with WordPress.

Adding a new widget

Login to your WordPress site. (

On the right side of the screen, you will see the navigation drawer. Select the “Widgets” option.

wordpress widgets dashboard

This is what you should see after clicking the “Widgets” option.

On the right, you will see all the available widgets and on the left are where you can add your widgets, here we can add widgets to our site’s footer.

To add a widget into our footer, we can either drag the widget to the footer or click the expand icon for a corresponding widget and then selecting where to insert the widget.

Here we are going to add the Navigation Menu widget to our second footer. Then click the “Add Widget” button.

Now we have added the Navigation Menu widget into our second footer. We also added a title and selected the menu for our widget. Click the “Save” button after you are done. The save button is then changed into a disable button with a text “Saved”.

That’s it. Congratulations!, You have added a new widget to your site’s footer.

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